About Us

Earl Weltmer

Earl Weltmer has been President of Scanservice for over 30 years.
He has worked in the field servicing, repairing, and installing scanning electron microscopes.
Prior to building Scanservice, Earl was employed by JEOL, ETEC, and Aerospace Corporation.


Steve Perry

Steve Perry started with Scanservice in 2001. He is an experienced and capable SEM service engineer, qualified on Hitachi, JEOL, FEI, Amray, Zeiss, Cambridge, Leo, ISI, and Phenom instruments. Highly capable of training costumers and new engineers. He coordinates the production, quality and characterization of the Beam Blanking systems. He has personally installed the beam blanking equipment at numerous institutions on a wide variety of SEMs.

Viliyan Iliev

Viliyan Iliev worked as an IT installer and troubleshooter for over 10 years before employment with Scanservice. He now has over 5 years experience with Scanning Electron Microscope and is an expert in solving complex problems involving operating systems or networking.